Rocky Mountain & Santa Fe

New Photos Posted 12/30/11

SF Cross Logo.gif (6KB)The Rocky Mountain & Santa Fe is an HO scale representation of the prototype Santa Fe at Raton, N.M. Operations represent the daily transcontinental passenger and regional freight traffic circa 1958.

A New Mexico Division Timetable  and historical references have been utilized for planning helper operations over Raton Pass.

Track Plan diagrams on this site were created utilizing topographic maps and 3rd PlanIt software. 

Structure Drawings including rendered and wire frame models are from plans and photos.

Historical Note:  The Rocky Mountain & Santa Fe was the branchline from Raton to Cimarron and Ute Park and was the Rocky Mountain District on the Santa Fe serving the coal mine at Koehler until the 1960's. Originally built as the St. Louis, Rocky Mountain & Pacific in 1905, the line was purchased by the Santa Fe in 1913 and operated until the start of WW II when the Koehler to Ute Park section of the line was abandoned.

The primary reference for my planning has been: SANTA FE's Raton Pass by Jared V. Harper (1983) Kachina Press, and SANTA FE's Raton Pass-Second Edition by Jared V. Harper and John R. Signor (2010) Santa Fe Railway Historical and Modeling Society. I would also like to give special thanks to the inspiration of David Haines and his great n-scale Raton Pass and for providing copies of the Raton Passenger Depot architectural drawings. Al Clemens has also been helpful in providing material from his research, and Clarence Matthews who worked on Raton Pass has been a valuable source of first hand information.


  Track Plan & Photo's of Previous 9' x 11' Layout   Track Plan & Photo's of Current 11'x 25' Layout 

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