Rocky Mountain & Santa Fe - Raton Pass


ATSF - Raton - New Mexico - Passenger Depot

Raton_Depot_GIF.gif (18843 bytes) 

Rendering of curved wall by Taylor Reid

Photo by Jim Milliron

The depot is still in use by BNSF and Amtrak. There are plans to renovate but no action yet.


Raton Freight Depot

Research Indicates the Depot was Originally Painted Yellow Without Green Trim. Credit to Al Clemens for contacting the Architect of the restoration as a community center. Unfortunately, the Depot was severely damaged by an arson fire in March 2009.


Raton Warehouse Buildings

My analysis of photos indicates the center two buildings had metal siding and metal roofs.

As these two buildings no longer exist, if anyone has better knowledge, please contact me.

I am modeling these buildings the correct width but reduced by 1/3 in length to fit my railroad.


Raton Engine Service

This would be the approximate plan for the late steam to early diesel era.

Research of photographs indicates there were only four active roundhouse stalls.

The fifth stall had a front stone wall and windows and was probably used as shop/office space.

View From Roundhouse

The Raton Turntable was a Standard ATSF 85' Design with 23 in operation in 1949.

The effective length of the turntable was 83'-4.5". The 3800 Class 2-10-2's and any other locomotive

over 83' in wheelbase length had to be turned on the wye. The RSD-5 & RSD-7 Diesels were operated in pairs

and were probably not turned except for maintenance. The turntable was used to access the roundhouse stalls.


Wootton Tunnel Portal

Wootton-GP38.jpg (34764 bytes)

GP-38 by Larry Goss - Paint Scheme by Jim Milliron

The portal on the left was the original tunnel and was the Eastbound Main until closed in 1953.

The tunnel portal is a rendered 3D object with a terrain mesh from my 22' x 46' track plan.

All Drawings Created Utilizing 3rd Plan It by El Dorado Software

Please contact me if you would like copies of the drawings for your personal use.

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